There is Something Wrong With Me (EP)

by Michael Aurand

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My first solo EP. A collection of new songs, all either too mellow or too dark for my other projects.


released November 14, 2014

All songs written and performed by Michael Aurand.
© 2014
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all rights reserved


Michael Aurand Nashville, Tennessee

My name is Mike. These are my songs.

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Track Name: Shadow Puppets
As a child I had the whole world in my hands
My ambitions and my plans
packed into a little blue and white bedroom

And in my wildest dreams I never thought I’d be
letting go of 23
right along with all the things I thought I’d do

How I miss the timid innocence of youth
long before I knew the truth
that would hit me like a freight train in the end

I wish I could let you step into my mind
see the things I left behind
long before I spent my time creating

Shadow puppets on the wall
like a diamond in the hall
that helps to hold my head up straight
and picks me up before I fall
Light a candle in my heart
if my confidence departs
I need your love to pull me up
when I feel three inches tall

And so the opera plays out like a movie scene
spread across the silver screen
I can see my walls of Jericho fall down

All around me are the smiles of those I’ve known
who have spread their wings and flown
leaving me to pick the pieces off the ground

I can hear the vultures circling my roof
I wish I was bulletproof
to the voices squawking right outside my door

So for now I’ll use my faintest beam of light
and the backdrop of the night Everything will be alright if I make

Shadow puppets on the wall
they don’t bother me at all
They are my last line of defense
just before I drop the ball

Be my eyes so I can see
Be my lungs so I can breathe
I need your love to help me walk
when I feel the need to crawl
Track Name: Pocket Full of Quarters
I’ve got a pocket full of quarters and I’m
trying to spend them all tonight
I don’t care how long it takes me
or if I’m here ‘til morning light
Maybe I’ll walk down to the tavern
and have myself a pint
‘Cause I’ve got a pocket full of quarters
and I’m gonna spend them all tonight

I’ve got a pocket full of quarters and they’re
burning a hole in my jeans
Maybe I’ll lend a brother’s hand unto
the first homeless man that I see
Find the closest laundromat and help him
wash his wardrobe clean
‘Cause I’ve got a pocket full of quarters and they’re
burning a hole in my jeans

The exquisite tastes in life always
seem to fall out of my range,
but there’s neighbors all around me in
desperate need of some change

I’ve got a pocket full of quarters and I’m
not going home ‘til they’re gone
Maybe drop them in the tip jar of the
first man to play my favorite song
Sit back in the corner and
drink Johnnie Walker all night long
But I’ve got a pocket full of quarters and I’m
not going home ‘til they’re gone
Track Name: Bicycle Thief
Baby I’m gonna find
that bicycle thief
and I’m gonna break both his legs

I’m gonna tear a hole
in his tiny black soul
And I won’t let go when he begs

Baby I’m gonna find
that bicycle thief
And I’m gonna make him know your name

And with every scream
Every cry for mercy
I will turn up the heat on this flame

And when it comes time
to negotiate freedom
I’ll make sure he knows it’s too late

I will keep him alive for as
long as I can
Let him know that there is no escape

Baby I’m gonna find
that bicycle thief
and I’m gonna have me some fun

I’m gonna burn down
every house in this town
just to make him regret what he’s done

Baby I’m gonna find
that bicycle thief
and I’ll make him dig his own grave

And no one will cry
on the day that he dies
when this bullet goes straight through his brain
Track Name: Thief in the Night
It seems that your heart
is constantly guarded
against his tongue’s vicious attacks

So tonight close your eyes
and you won’t have to cry
any longer or ever look back

So tonight lock the door
and meet me on the porch
and you’ll never even have to look back

Like an outlaw, I’ll vanish
as he starts to panic
when he wakes up and finds out you’re gone

And I’ll leave no trace
but the smile on your face
that the world hasn’t seen in so long

and he’ll never know that I’m coming
I will strike him when he least expects
I will trade all your sorrows
for a better tomorrow
make him wonder what I will do next
He’ll realize what he’s missing
as we ride off into the moonlight
I’m gonna rob him of his greatest fortune
like a thief in the night

And don’t let him try
to seduce you with lines
that he’s used
to keep you
in the past

In the cloak of the dark
I will rescue your heart
I’ll be silent and subtle and fast

It seems that his pride
hung your dreams out to dry
and his ego should be kept in check

Do me and a favor
and tell him to savor
the small bit of time
he’s got left

He can call on his army
Send the dogs out to find me
Put a six-figure bounty on my head

But I’ll make him know
just how cold and alone
he can feel in a big empty bed